Indyvelopments- June 4, 2004
byTony D @ 8:51 pm EST

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I always hate it when two wrestlers or tag teams that I really like wrestle each other. I never knew who to cheer for when Bruiser Brody wrestled Ric Flair. (I've got Brody vs. Flair from St. Louis from January 1984 on videotape, when it looked like Brody was the new champ!) Or in the Summer of 1984, "Loverboy" Dennis Condrey and "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton (The Midnight Express) wrestled Norvell Austin and Koko B. Ware (The PYT Express) in Mid-South (The PYT's won!), or on August 16, 2003 (Happy Birthday on August 16 to Looney Lane) when Thomas Thorn and Tanker wrestled Da Playboy and "Mr. Saturday Night" Micheal Barry in Universal Championship Wrestling. I am *SO* glad that Sassy Merlot was sitting by me during that match, because I was dreading it every time that MSN and Thorn were in the ring together. The Smooth Criminals were one of my favorite tag teams. When Thorn and MSN were wrestling each other, I just wanted to cry on Sassy's shoulder. )-:

Well, this Saturday Night, two of my favorites will wrestle in Hooiser Pro Wrestling as Syren defends her HPW Ladies Title against Camron Star (The CCW and CIW Indy Ladies Champion) and the LOSER EATS DOG FOOD!

Camron almost lost her hair back on March 13 in a Title Vs. Hair Match, and I was glad that Camron kept her hair, even though she lost the match. The night of that match, I didn't sleep very well because I wanted to know who won the match between Syren and Camron, and I couldn't find out until the next day. I won't be sleeping good this Saturday night either. )-:

I don't want to see either Syren or Camron forced to eat dog food! Camron feeds her dogs steak that her chef prepares on the grill after he has cooked Camron's steak! Camron would feed her dogs better food that she would feed you! So if we're talking about a fine cut of Porterhouse or something, then that's one thing. But I'm afraid that we're talking about a can of Alpo! Watch me get hate mail from the Alpo people! I'm sure that Alpo is fine food for dogs, but not for Syren or Camron Star.

The match was supposed to be Syren defending her belt against Vanessa Harding and Camron was to be the Special Guest Referee, but Vanessa is a Fraidy Cat! (-: "Due to another commitment outside of wrestling Vanessa Harding had to cancel her match at HPW" is what the head of HPW said, what he means is Vanessa is a Fraidy Cat! (-:

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Okay, I'm kidding about the whole Fraidy Cat thing. If Vanessa vs. Syren with Camron as Ref was happening like it was supposed to, I still would have trouble sleeping on Saturday Night. Yes, I love Vanessa too. I hope that Vanessa's "commitment" is some kind of photo shoot or something, and no sudden family emergency.

Here is the rest of the Hooiser Pro Wrestling Card. Ox Harley has never beaten "Dirty" Doug Gilbert in an HPW ring, will he manage to beat Doug Gilbert on Saturday Night? I have videotape of "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and Doug Gilbert from 1988, and Doug was known as "Hitman" back then.

Doug is (and Eddie was) a third generation wrestler. Their father is Tommy Gilbert, and Tommy's father was Arlie Gilbert. So back in 1983, Eddie Gilbert was a third generation wrestler in The WWF.

National Guard Armory
Columbus, Indiana
7:30 PM bell; 6:45 PM doors open
Tix; Front Row $12- General Admission $10
Kids 3 & under free

Info: 812-552-4477

-Subject to change-

"Dangerous" DOUG "The Hitman" GILBERT -vs- OX HARLEY

-I Quit Heavyweight Title Match-

-Tag Team Title Match-

-2 out of 3 falls-
-Light Heavyweight Title Match-

-Loser must eat dog food-
-Womens Title Match-


Syren and Camron have my phone number, I'll be watching Smackdown until 1 AM (Sunday Morning technically), they could call me and save me some worrying! (-:

Back to the match in UCW on August 16, that was the last time that I saw Kaci Cannon! )-: I miss you Kaci! )-: That night I hugged Kaci (at least 3 times), Summer Rain, Sassy Merlot and Mary Monroe.

Check out this picture of Kaci Cannon, you'll thank me later.

Nikki Roxx will be at two Wrestling Federation of America shows tonight and tomorrow night in New Hampshire. I don't know who else will be there, but Nikki Roxx will be there, and that's good enough for me, because Nikki Roxx!

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Friday June 4, 2004
8:00 pm
Event Location: Laconia Elks Lodge
Street: 383 South Main St.
City, State, Zip: Laconia, NH

Saturday June 5, 2004
8:00 pm
Event Location: Newport Opera House
Street: 20 Main St.
City, State, Zip: Newport, NH

Here are results from the Pro Wrestling Entertainment card that took place Saturday, May 29 at Little Buffalo Family Campground Recreation Hall

Aidiean (w/Flex Fenom) pinned The Night Prowler

Flex Fenom defeated Phantasmo by submission

The Wolfman beat "Luscious" Johnny Graham

"The Italian Stallions" John "The Paisano" Balsamo and Gino Martino defeated "Sexy" Shane Shadows and Sam Sanders

PWE ladies champion Fantasia wrestled Lexie Fyfe to a 30 minute time limit draw

Glen Osbourne beat Brock Singleton by disqualification

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My Main Man "The Smooth Assassin" Smooth As Satin David Cattin just got his own website! Check it out at Did The Smooth Assassin get a haircut?

June 26th, 2004 - Topeka, KS
WAM! (Wrestling Alliance Midwest) will be throwing a card in Topeka,KS. David Cattin will be wrestling at the event. General admission $5 and children under 5 years old get in free!
(See below for more info on this event)

July 10th, 2004
UCW (Ultra Championship Wrestling) will be having another t.v. taping that will be broadcasted across the Eastern border. And who will be among the wrestlers in attendance? David Cattin of course!
Click here to get more information on UCW

Please tell me that Smooth As Satin David Cattin is booked for the GWF show on July 17! David, get booked for that show! (-: David is selling two 8x10's on his website, and hopefully he's got two of them already autographed ready to give to me! (-:

Eve's website is updated with new pictures. *sigh* Check them out at I won't mention her webmaster, but Joe Rules! I mean, he rules!

Did you know that Eve was one of the 50 people that were invited to the OVW Training Camp back in March? Eve and Camron Star together, somebody take a picture! (-: (I hope someone took a picture).

My cousin Fluff Dupp AKA Se7en Briggs has had her website redesigned as well. Check it out at or (I'm her cousin Tone Dupp!)

Southern Championship Wrestling returns to Altamonte Springs, Florida on June 19 for "Redemption." The last time SCW was in Altamonte Springs, I got pulled over in Altamont, Kansas! )-: I wasn't driving, The Three Legged Wonder "Handsome" Brandon Tripod was! He had one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the clutch, and you don't even wanna know how he hit the brakes! (-:

The SCW show is at the Eastmonte Civic Center and the bell time is 8 PM.

The Heartbreak Xpress of Sean and Phil Davis take on a tag team to be announced.

Johnny Schumacher once again locks up with The Most Important Man Alive Mister Saint Laurent with $o Cal Val! Since Mister Saint Laurent IS The Most Important Man Alive, there is no need to put it in quotations! MSL and $o Cal Val are members of Team Vision. (That's Southern California Valerie for those of you that aren't good at abbreviations).

"The Rebel Rocker" Towns Ellis vs. "Untouchable" Leon Scott with "The Belle of The Brawl" The Untouchable Diva Tiziana.

In a grudge match, "The Man" Manny Montana of Team Vision vs. My Cousin Dagon Briggs with Se7en Briggs AKA My Cousin Fluff Dupp (I'm her cousin Tone Dupp).

For the Florida Heavyweight Title, The Champion "The Shooter" Vordell Walker defends his title against Rich Criado.

In a rematch from May 22 for the Southern Cruiserweight Championship, Aaron Epic defends his title against Josh Rich.

The Main Event is a tag team match as "The Air Ninja" Brian "The Blade" Gamble teams with the 6' 10" Korean Monster Ryze to take on Southern Heavyweight Champion Jason Hexx and Thump Dupree.

Will Thump Dupree bring "Big Nasty" Tim Washington to the ring with him to be in his corner? Big Nasty and Brian Gamble feuded in Rollerjam and in American Gladiators, so they're no strangers to each other. What if Kahagas shows up? Kahagas, Ryze and Jason Hexx were The Asian Super Organization. Jason and Ryze had a falling out, whose side is Kahagas on?

On June 26, Southern Championship Wrestling returns to Haines City, Florida for "Haines City Showdown II." The show will be at the SCW National Guard Armory and the show starts at 7:30 PM.

Note: All of this card information assumes that no titles will change hands on June 19. Matches will be changed if titles change hands on June 19. That's why they say "The Card is subject to change!"

The 6' 10" Korean Monster Ryze takes on an opponent to be announced.

Johnny Schumacher vs. Josh Rich

In an Extreme Women's Match, "The Foxy Lady" Sexy Lexie Fyfe takes on Destiny

In a Grudge Match, "Rebel Rocker" Towns Ellis vs. Tony DeNucci

In a Heavyweight Contenders Match (guaranteed to make me cry), The Spook City Thugs go at it one more time as My Cousin Dagon Briggs with My Cousin Se7en Briggs AKA Fluff Dupp takes on "Untouchable" Leon Scott with "The Belle of The Brawl" The Untouchable Diva Tiziana!

The Hellraizors (Axis and Python) defeated The Spook City Thugs (Dagon and Leon) on November 15, 2003 for the Southern Tag Team Titles and Dagon and Leon broke up! )-: Leon Scott defeated Dagon Briggs on December 13, 2003. Leon beat Dagon again on January 24, 2004. Dagon beat Leon in a Last Man Standing Match on February 21. The Spook City Thugs haven't faced each other in SCW since. On June 26, they will wrestle for a fourth time. Will Dagon tie the series at 2-2, or will Leon make it 3 wins to 1 loss? Will every man at ringside faint when the see the beauty that is Se7en and Tiziana at ringside at the same time?

For the Florida Heavyweight Title, "The Shooter" Vordell Walker defends his belt against The Most Important Man Alive Mister Saint Laurent with $o Cal Val in his corner. MSL and Valerie are members of Team Vision. Team Vision hasn't had gold since Chasyn Rance lost the Southern Cruiserweight Title. MSL has only lost one match in SCW, but Vordell Walker remains undefeated in SCW. Will MSL break Vordell's streak, or will The Shooter give The Most Important Man Alive his second SCW loss?

The Main Event is for The Southern Tag Team Titles as The Hellraizors Axis and Python defend their belts against Southern Heavyweight Champion Jason Hexx and (former Florida Champ) Thump Dupree.

Jason Hexx and Ryze couldn't defeat The Hellraizors, and neither could Thump Dupree and Leon Scott, but together Jason and Thump are hoping to dethrone The Hellraizors, who have held the belts since they defeated The Spook City Thugs.

NWA Florida proudly presents the 2nd Annual Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, a Two-Day, 3 Show Cruiserweight tournament to be held on June 4th and 5th at Brandon All Stars in Brandon, FL and the St Petersburg National Guard Armory. Sixteen of the best wrestlers in the world will head to St. Petersburg, FL but only one will emerge with the trophy.

NWA Florida sent invitations to many of the best wrestlers in the world today and also to many of the wrestlers who were very close friends of Jeff and we came up with what we feel is the best field possible. Thanks to everybody who asked to be in this tournament and I can guarantee you that with only 16 spots available it is a huge chore to choose who would participate in this years tournament. Last years winner Reckless Youth set the bar so high that there are literally wrestlers from all over the world that want to do what they can to raise the bar even further.

The field for this years Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup is phenomenal and promises to be one of the best independent shows this year. Naphtali, Puma, Damian Adams, The Gold Bond Mafia's Chris Hero, Petey Williams, Alex Shelley, Justice, Black Tigers, Teddy Hart, Sedrick Strong, Roderick Strong, Striker, Azrieal, Jimmy Jacobs, Homicide and Mikey Tenderfoot comprise the 16 competitors that will compete for this years Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup!


All first round matches will be at the Brandon All Stars facility on Friday, June 4th starting at 8 pm


RODERICK STRONG vs. SEDRICK STRONG will face the winner of


CHRIS HERO vs. STRIKER will face the winner of



TEDDY HART vs. AZRIEAL will face the winner of


NAPHTALI vs. PETEY WILLIAMS will face the winner of


The second round will take place at the St Petersburg National Guard Armory on Saturday, June 5th at 2 pm!

There will be a Fan Fest in St Petersburg from 5-7 pm and bell time for the evening events and finals of Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup is 8 pm!

NWA Florida can proudly announce some more stars that have signed on to make the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Shows 3 of the biggest shows of the year. NWA TNA's Wildcat Chris Harris, NWA Florida's Scoot Andrews, Danny Doring, Mike Sullivan, Billy Five5, Shane Brothers, Steve Madison, Lex Lovett, Bruce Steel, Frankie Capone, EWA's Clinically Inclined (Dr. Heresy and Andre Lyons) and Chi Chi Cruz, ROH's Slyk Wagner Brown and April Hunter, PWG's and The Gold Bond Mafia's "Classic" Colt Cabana, MLW's and SCW's Chasyn Rance, NWA Wildside's Jacey North, Krissy Vaine, Jenny "Bootylicious" Taylor and Z-Barr and Omega Wrestling's Krazy K! If that isn't enough it gets better as we have also signed on former WWE Superstar Zach Gowen to wrestle at both nights of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup! Last year was huge but this year looks like it is going to be even bigger!

Once again this year Jet Jaguar will be coming out of retirement to referee the finals of the tournament as he was told by doctors wrestling is completely out of the question and he insisted on being part of this event. Jet Jaguar vs. Jeff Peterson was the feud that helped put the Florida Indy scene back on the map 5 years ago and is still talked about by the fans today.

Jeff Peterson was a fantastic cruiserweight who wrestled primarily in Florida and Delaware, but traveled throughout the U.S., including California. Peterson passed away after a long battle with cancer. Peterson was a 2 time IPW Cruiserweight champion and had epic battles with Jet Jaguar and Mike Quackenbush over the title. It was at the Super 8, hosted by his uncle Jim Kettner, that Jeff really began to shine and get the national recognition he deserved as he made fans and wrestlers alike a believers in his amazing abilities.

Portions of the proceeds from both nights will be donated in Jeff Peterson's name to the Tarpon Springs Cops and Kids program. Tarpon Springs Police Chief Mark LeCouris and NWA Florida have worked together for 2 years with NWA Florida bringing in the Cops and Kids involved with this great group to shows on a monthly basis as guests of NWA Florida. The Cops and Kids program is a great organization that goes out of their way to help out the kids in their community and NWA Florida is proud to have them on board as the group that will benefit from this years Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup.

Check out for all the details and for all your ticket information on the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup as well as the great auctions already available on eBay with all proceeds from the auction benefiting the Cops N Kids Program as well as the Moffitt Cancer Center.

Wrestling Alliance Midwest!
Presents "Rolling Hills Rumble"
in Topeka, KS - Rolling Hills - 2400 Urish Rd.
The doors open at 2 PM, and the show starts at 3 PM
$5 General Admission
Tommy Snow vs. 7' 6", 450lb. Mighty Sequoia

WAM! Mid-America Title Match: Champion "Specialist" Mason Hunter defends against The Dekin w/ Lady Morgue

Main Event: 2-Out-of-3-Falls WAM! Light-Heavyweight Title Match: Champion PayDay Pionkowski w/ Dr. Spookshow defends against Enigma

More matches to be announced

Card is subject to change.

Midwest Renegade Wrestling
Sat - June 19, 2004
The doors open at 6:30 PM and the show starts at 7 PM.







Smokin' Sam has promised a 'DEADLY' surprise at this show and everyone is wondering - Who is J. Caster's mystery opponent?

NWA EAST BREAKING NEWS: Devine Forfeits Title Match, Card for June 5th Revised

NWA East Championship Wrestling returns to the Sportatorium in McKeesport, PA on Saturday night, June 5th at 7:30 pm, with another great wrestling card featuring the hottest wrestling action in
Pittsburgh!! The best sports entertainment ticket value in Pittsburgh today is NWA East Championship Wrestling, where ringside seats are only $10!!! General admission seating is only $9, and kids tickets are just $6!!

Although the challenge was issued by Mad Mike, and answered by Devin Devine for a "Four Corners of Hell" match for the NWA East Heavyweight Championship, Devine has backed out of the match, and
will NOT be challenging Mad Mike for the area's most coveted championship.

"I am a better wrestler than Mad Mike, hands down," said Devine in a statement received Thursday afternoon by NWA East officials. "I can beat Mad Mike in a wrestling match, it has been proven, and that is why he wont fight me in a clean scientific match. Mad Mike knows he needs to brawl and use anything not nailed down to beat Devin Devine, but I am not going to play into his hands and give him that satisfaction. I will not wrestle Mad Mike in any more of these 'garbage matches'. Instead, I am offering my shot at the NWA East title to someone who does wrestle that way."

The person Devine has offered his title shot to, and who has accepted the offer, is "Pittsburgh's Hardcore Icon" Boomer Payne. Now, Boomer Payne will challenge the "Angriest Man in Pittsburgh" Mad Mike for the NWA East Heavyweight title in a "Four Corners of Hell" match!!! The only way you can score a pinfall on your opponent is after using all four weapons at ringside on your opponent. Payne has promised to give NWA East fans their money's worth, and has said he is looking forward to a great match against Mad Mike, for a title Payne has never held. When these two hardcore individuals go at it, anyone can walk away the champion. Be there live and in person to witness what is sure to be one of the most violent matches Pittsburgh wrestling has ever seen!

In addition, the rematch no one thought would happen has been signed!!! Scottie Gash and Crusher Hansen will once again square off in an NWA East ring! Last month when these two fought, they crossed an invisible line, as anyone present could attest to. What will happen when these two individuals square off again, one-on-one in singles competition? The only way to get the entire story is to be at the Sportatorium Saturday night!

Also signed for this event, self proclaimed managerial genius Benjamin C. Steele took exception to Spyral sticking his nose into the business of his newest charge, Jason Cage, at the last NWA East event, so he has paid someone handsomely to take him out so that Cage doesn't have to: Ghost Shadow. That's right, Ring of Honor regular Ghost Shadow will face off with NWA East's newest highflying sensation Spyral in singles competition.

Plus: NWA East Tag Team Champions Bigg and Kid Cupid were ambushed by Damien Stockholm's duo of "All Business" Brant and Scott Venom. Now, the champions are out for revenge as the two teams face off in a match for the NWA East Tag Team Championship.

And plenty of your NWA East favorites will be in action, such as "Soviet Shooter" Nikita Allanov, "Hot Property" Jason Cage, "Natural" Sonny Landel, Sabotage, "Aerial Icon" Justin Idol, the return of ManChild, and many more!!!

The Sportatorium is located at 3104 Walnut St., in McKeesport, PA, just minutes from downtown in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. Minutes from I-70, the PA Turnpike and the Lincoln-Penn Parkway, the hottest wrestling action in Western Pennsylvania is only a short drive away!! Check out what the big boys already know...that real professional wrestling entertainment in Pittsburgh is spelled N-W-A!!!!

For more info, breaking news, directions and more, check out the NWA East website, at

NWA East Championship Wrestling - Tradition on the Cutting Edge

The Universal Championship Wrestling show that was scheduled for June 12 in Coffeyville, Kansas has been postponed. I will be sure to let you know when the next show is, because the promoter(s) will call me on the phone when they know when the show will be! (-:

The next Global Wrestling Federation show is July 17 in Pittsburg, Kansas. I am *STILL* waiting on results from the GWF that was in Girard, Kansas a few weeks ago (thanks for telling me about it beforehand too! )-: ).

Tony D.

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